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Comb is a revolutionary new fashion app. Search using a keyword or take/upload a photo and the app will Comb over 3 million products to find similar results. Instantly get the opinion of your friends by sending products and messages within the app using the chat messenger. Follow friends, celebrities and brands to discover and be inspired by the photos being searched and products they are saving. 


Some of the brands available on Comb

Using Comb, you can easily search patterns, prints, solid colors, and other clothing options to your heart’s content. Download Comb for free, install on your phone, and let the searching begin. Just take a photo of what you want to Comb, select from men’s or women’s apparel, and let Comb find you clothing in a variety of price ranges based on your photo choice.

Visit Comb’s website at, or click a button below to download the app from the App Store or on Google Play.

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