Common Room is the only student and youth focused agency in the UK concentrating on branding, public relations and media relations in addition to specialising in creating bespoke partnerships between brands and charities. Common Room highlights the important causes of the charity’s work whilst enhancing awareness and exposure of the brand or company supporting them. By working with charities such as the United Nations Foundation’s Girl Up and Nothing But Nets campaigns, and MTV’s Staying Alive, Common Room has helped raise hundreds of thousands of pounds and produced some spectacular events.

Common Room was a development from Verge Magazine which was set up in 2007 by Andre Dixon who felt there was a severe lack of intelligent, creative publications for students and other young people in the UK and across the world. Verge Magazine ( is now the UK’s largest student magazine with a database of 800,000 students, an average online readership of 800k per month online and over 70,000 twitter followers.

Common Room was then a natural progression from Verge Magazine as Andre had developed a series of strong relationships with companies who have a particular interest in the youth and student markets. In addition to advertising in Verge Magazine, they were asking him to increase the profile of their brand with his expert knowledge of the sector and by providing and implementing innovative brand partnerships and commercial marketing initiatives.

Recognizing the tremendous opportunity to be a cultural catalyst, Andre partnered with Eva Dixon to launch Common Room PR, the only student and youth focused agency in UK.

They brought the spirit of Verge to Common Room, heavily infusing their work with the creativity and innovation of student aged staff.  From events to content creation and ideation, Common Room is more than an agency, it is a platform for brands to fully engage with young consumers at every level of the conversation.

now meet the team

Our awesome team building new connections with brands and youth

Andre Dixon

CEO & Co-Founder
07540 567 791

Eva Dixon

COO and Co-Founder
07946 102 764

Jendayi Luck

Account Executive
07468 149 883

Kirsten Kreger

Account Executive

Roger Morely

Web Designer

Ben Anderson

Social Media

Jake Ringsell

Account Executive & Videographer

Shaun Redwood

Senior Consultant & Coordinator
347 560 1076


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