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Life is full of choices, from which jeans to buy to who to chat up, from what dish to order to which gig to book. And sometimes you need a little help in making a decision. This is where Wooju comes in. Wooju is the app that lets you snap & solve life’s choices. Simply snap a picture, ask a yes/no question and send to friends. They vote, and you receive an easy-to-use poll that helps you decide what to do. And hey, if you’re not satisfied with your friends’ opinions, you can always ask a random selection of their user base by opting to go public.

Facts about Wooju

Winner of Scotland’s Global Start-up Summit 2014
Will make an appearance in Blue Mountain State: The Movie (2015)
Wooju was created as the result of a sorority ‘Hot or Not?’ experiment
We are graduates of the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator Programme in London (2014)
We have a few famous users including MIC stars Jamie Laing and Oliver Proudlock


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